Speech Language Pathologist Assistant



TITLE:                                Speech Language Pathologist Assistant III


CLASSIFICATION:               Classified


Qualifications:                       High School degree or undergraduate degree not in Communication Science Disorders. Demonstrated ability and/or interest in working with children with speech and language delays. Proven physical stamina to meet daily obligations.



  • Is responsible for performing the assigned duties under the direct supervision of a licensed speech/language clinician.
  • Works in harmony with and supports the decisions of the supervisor.
  • For each student receiving therapy, assists in developing and maintaining an individual therapy plan as requested by the licensed clinician.
  • Provides direct therapy for each assigned student or group according to prescribed plans.
  • Provides continuous assessment of student progress and communicates programs to supervisor.
  • Consults with supervisor concerning the need for changes in the student’s individual plan.
  • Keeps data and assists in the management of speech therapy records according to procedures and standards set by the supervisor.
  • Completes all such duties as assigned by the Speech-Language Pathologist allowed under ARM 8.62.505.
  • Actively participates and offers constructive support with Co-op program improvement initiatives.


Starting wage $17.07, to be determined based on experience.