Mental Health Services
School Based Mental Health Services - CSCT

The Bitterroot Valley Education Cooperative is a licensed mental health center. We provide intensive school and community based mental health services known as Comprehensive School and Community Treatment (CSCT).  

The Comprehensive School and Community Treatment model is available to eligible students attending school in Darby, Hamilton, Victor, Stevensville and Florence. This comprehensive mental health support is provided primarily in the school by qualified mental health professionals in collaboration with parents and teachers. Click on our CSCT Flyer for more information.  CSCT also includes summer services and community activities.  If you are interested in CSCT services please contact your local school principal or counselor.

As a National Health Service Corps Site, we promise to:

  • Serve all patients
  • Offer discounted fees for patients who qualify
  • Not deny services based on a person's:
  • Sexual orientation
            -National origin
            -Inability to pay
  • Accept insurance, including:
            -Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

For referrals regarding youth substance abuse, addiction or chemical dependency visit our community partners at Youth Dynamics or Saphire Community Health

For after hours mental health crisis support contact West House Crisis Facility 1404 Westwood Drive Hamilton, MT (406)532-8990.

Mental Health Services STAFF

Staff Members

Contact List

Brushia, Michelle
Mental Health Behavior Consultant -Darby Elementary
Clinton, Tammy
Behavior Consultant
Mental Health Behavior Consultant-Darby Secondary
Davis , Lindsay
Mental Health Therapist-Lone Rock School
Enzminger, Robin
Mental Health Behavior Consultant -Victor Elementary
Fuchs, Ashley
Mental Health Therapist-Florence Carlton Elementary
Gillespie, Ashley
Mental Health Therapist-Darby Elementary
Hughes, Chris
Mental Health Program Manager
Jessop, Leah
Mental Health Behavior Consultant-Victor Secondary
McNamara, Chelsea
Mental Health Therapist-Stevensville Secondary
Moresi, Rachella
Mental Health Therapist-Florence Carlton Secondary
Mutchler, Kim
Special Education
Occupational Therapist-Florence Carlton Schools, Stevensville Schools, Preschool
Olds, Tammy
Mental Health Therapist-Victor Secondary
Pastian, Nikki
Mental Health Behavior Consultant -Stevensville Secondary
Pell, Angela
Mental Health Therapist-Stevensville Elementary
Pepion, Liz
Mental Health Therapist-Victor Elementary
Porter, Barbara
Mental Health Behavior Consultant -Florence Carlton Elementary
Rammell, Jenny
Thayne, Melissa
Mental Health Therapist-Darby Secondary
Welch, Michelle
Mental Health Behavior Consultant-Florence Carlton Secondary
Wood , Wendi
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapist-All Schools
Zieglowsky, Steve
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor